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Carrtee is your exclusive wardrobe​

Based on years of industry experience, we can provide you with insight into the fashion direction and bring the most fashionable style to you.
We’re just your exclusive wardrobe.


Our team of designers come from all over the world and integrate the fashion styles of the United States. Each garment is designed by us independently.


Carrtee is always trying to find new ways to make changes and break the limits of traditional design, what make it no longer difficult for you to choose your favorite personalized clothing.

Carrtee, a women’s clothing brand originated from European and American fashion and originally created by senior professional designers, is mainly aimed at mature young women, emphasizing the sense of design and humanistic sentiment of products. Carrtee women’s clothing aims to create a fashionable fashion with independent personality and small sentiment.

Carrtee designers are good at integrating the style of classical architecture, painting, music and literary works into fashion design, and silently show an internal charm that goes beyond external text carving and decoration collocation. And the excellence of Carrtee designers is that they are good at using high-quality fabrics to bring the experience of softness, elegance, fashion and extreme comfort to the customers.

All of thoes does not only belong to clothes, but also comes from the display of the true self in the heart of women. The true self and desire in people’s hearts will determine the brilliance of their lives, and the designers of Carrtee will make a little ornament in life for these brilliance. Carrtee designs not just clothes, but also makes up for women to life.